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Copper-Infused Antimicrobial

Copper Compression Gloves With A Durable & Breathable Full Finger Design 

Fitted Compression Gloves - Feel The Difference! 

Designed for ultimate comfort and maximum protection, our Fitted Copper-Infused Compression Gloves
are designed to outlast and perform.  

  • Breathable, Lightweight & Reusable
  • Highest copper content for your protection
  •  Washable - Infused copper never washes off!
  • Full finger design in 3 sizes
  • Silicone inlaid palms and fingers for maximum grip
  • Anti-Odor benefits of copper 
  • Moisture Wicking and breathable 
  • Sold in pairs

Discover the healing benefits of copper-infused compression 

Therapeutic Compression

Manage discomfort and pain in the hands and fingers from arthritis, carpel tunnel and tendinitis. 

Copper Infused Fabric

Copper has a well established history in all types of applications including high performance textiles for sports and physical therapy. 

Anti-Slip Fitted Design 

Lightweight but durable construction can withstand wash after was without losing compression and copper content. 

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  1. Fitted Copper Infused Mask
    Fitted Copper Infused Mask

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