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Holiday Schedule For uOfficeSupply

uOfficeSupply Holiday Schedule

All businesses are affected by the holiday schedule differently. While offices may close for the holidays in offices the retail and shipping businesses expect more business durinjg this time. However, any business that depends on shipping or receiving products should project in their plans the possibility of delays in service during the holidays. This is especially true for Ecommerce and Retail Stores. Receiving the packing supplies later than scheduled could ruin all shipping plans. For other businesses, the delay in receiving supplies may postpone the completion of a time-sensitive project.

At uOfficeSupply we depend on the carriers for shipment of our products and follow the holiday schedule set by the 3 major companies:

Please refer to each carrier through the above links and plan your delivery date accordingly.

Shipping Delays

Please note that once the packages leave one of our fulfillment centers any delays are out of our control and the assigned carrier becomes responsible for on time delivery. Although all carriers’ goal is the safe and on-time delivery but sometimes the delays due to weather conditions or mechanical break down become unavoidable. The allocation of extra time for delivery is the best remedy to avoid any possibility of receiving the products you have ordered later than anticipated.