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uOfficeSupply Ordering Securely On The Website

Information Security on Our Website

Our website is equipped with the latest technologies on the privacy and security of our customers’ personal and financial information. The front-end of the website employs Cloudflare software to prevent unwanted attacks along with other security measures in place.

The Purpose of the Green Lock Next to HTTPS in URL

The Green Lock next to URL indicates that the website has obtained the Extended Valuation Certificate, also known as EV Certificate. This certificate point to additional premium security measures that are in place and make it easier to identify the websites’ added security through the green lock as a secure website.

Another method of identifying the secure website is simply paying attention if the URL starts with HTTPS OR HTTP. The letter “S” at the end of the HTTPS is a sign for a secure website operating with data encrypting software.


We have employed Braintree as our credit card Payment Processor, Braintree is a division of Paypal. It is part of the industry standard to comply with PCI DSS, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard for all websites with shopping carts. While the customer credit card information is stored in Braintree Vault for additional security measures they will never store the 3 or 4 digits CVV security code unique to each card. Customers will need to enter their credit card’s CVV code when placing orders even if they have chosen in the past to have the card information saved by Braintree.

Why Our Representative May Contact You About Your Credit Card?

For added security, we have implemented fraud detection software which will flag orders for different reasons which may or may not include fraudulent transactions. Most times simple typo errors, incomplete address, or if the name of the person the products being delivered does not appear as living in that address. In case of fraud, we have been able to notify the cardholder sometimes even before they realized their information has been compromised. Our ultimate goal always remains in delivering orders to the correct destinations while protecting our customers’ sensitive information.