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uOfficeSupply Common Shipping Questions and Answers

Shipping Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have compiled the frequently asked questions to reduce the need for our customers to spend their valuable time following up on a placed order. However, we are always available to assist through Live Chat or email if the questions or concerns are not adequately covered in this FAQ section.

Tracking Your Order

All tracking information will be emailed to the address entered during the check out as soon as the shipping labels are generated in our warehouses. The tracking number could be copied and paste in Google search bar to obtain all tracking information. Click on the carrier that comes up with your tracking number.

Guaranteeing the Delivery Time

While all orders placed before 3:00 PM EST will be shipped the same day unfortunately we do not have any control over weather-delays and other circumstances resulting in delays by the carriers. This is not a common occurrence but it does happen from time to time.

Time-Sensitive Orders

If the delivery time is of the essence, we strongly recommend to contact our customer service department in CHAT or email through chat on off hours. We are available via Live Chat through our website during our business hours of 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Damaged Products Delivery

We have implemented a stringent quality control procedure but occasionally packages are damaged during transit. If you receive a damaged package please contact our customer service immediately to assist you in filing a claim with the carrier as well as arranging for the shipment of the replacement products

Receiving Multiple Shipments for One Order

To expedite the shipping process we stock and ship products from multiple warehouses in different states. At times if one of our warehouses is out of stock for an item we have to ship the product from the next warehouse closest to the delivery destination. This is more true if there are a multitude of different products in your order. This also helps us to avoid the back ordering of products.

Calculating the Delivery Time

The two main factors affecting the delivery time are what type of product ordered, and which warehouse will the package be shipped from. To offer a general idea about the required shipping time, the approximate delivery time may be viewed at: uBoxes shipping information. The accuracy of our shipping estimator may be challenged when the products are being shipped from multiple warehouses. For a better estimate of the arrival time and especially for the time-sensitive orders please contact our customer service department as soon as possible.

Weekend Deliveries

Most packages are delivered Monday through Friday but some carriers have established deliveries to some specific locations on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

Location of Our Fulfillment Centers

Our fulfillment centers are currently located in New Jersey, Florida, Kansas, and California. Our shipping map or a Chat with our customer service could further assist you on the location of the warehouse or warehouses your order may be shipped from.

Voided Shipping Labels

For a better shipping process and rates, the smaller items may be combined in larger packages. Since there is no need for the additional label on the combined packages, the labels for smaller items will be voided.  In such instances, it is important to examine all packages thoroughly to locate all products including the items that are inserted in the larger packages.